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Accounts Receivable Projects (A/R)

Health Business Solutions also provides A/R Management services with a focus on revenue cycle reviews, interim patient accounting, patient access management services, and customized revenue related projects. Our strategy is to offer creative and cost-effective solutions to problems related to charge capture, billing and collection of healthcare revenue. The results to our clients are a clear understanding of how to improve operational efficiency, a roadmap to Best Practice Standards, improved patient satisfaction, reduction in overall A/R and increase in cash collections.

Our standard A/R Management services package includes:

  • Comprehensive PFS Assessment with findings and recommendations
  • Interim Management Services, Interim Patient Access & Collections Staff
  • Payer specific Billing & Collection projects
  • A/R Transition Projects
  • Liquidations/Wind Down
  • System Implementation assistance / System Application training
  • Managed Care contract performance reviews

Extended Business Office (“EBO” or “Early Out”):

With full transparency, HBS becomes an extension of your business office in early-stage accounts receivable management. HBS staff members represent you, our client, in various aspects of revenue cycle including registration, billing and claim resolution. Our EBO services can be custom tailored to suit your needs whether it involves “clean-up” projects or ongoing EBO services related to specific payers. Our services are geared to increase cash flow and reduce the work-load of your current staff.


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